I recently wrote briefly about the Quickbooksonline updates for Australia in a short post in an accounting group on Facebook. The post got 13 likes and 1 laugh. Some (3 people) had outrage for the product and vented about it, others just weren’t sure or are super comfortable with Xero. Now Xero is a good product but not great. Especially if you factor in the problems with their customer-facing Invoice suite. I should know. I run a Xero Templates business. Don’t get me started on the outrage in the Xero Community where users are beside themselves with anger over the inability to have a Delivery Address on their Xero Invoices.

Xero isn’t perfect and shouldn’t be a one-stop shop for accounting advisors because its convenient for them. Its all about the customer and his needs. Or should be.

The updates QBO has made recently to bring it more into line with Mothership USA are fantastic and really, its what stood Xero apart for me for so long, ie Cash Coding (Quick Coding) and Find and Recode (Reclassify).

Quickbooksonline is catching up to Xero – now might just be the right time to clean up their “invoice act”. There will always be diehard lovers of Xero as that’s been the marketing goal of Xero and its business model is rooted in ‘supply via accountants and bookkeepers’, the more they supply or buy the bigger the rewards for them. They bring customers to Xero. They ‘love’ Xero as Xero does ‘beautiful’ business. Well done Xero but watch out, this is a fast-paced techno world and QBO is catching up.

Dianne Jewell.