What is your “stack”? [suitable for those of us earning under $100k]

I’ve didn’t build any of my apps myself. What the hell, I’m an accountant, marketer, designer, well I love doing lots of things but building software is not one of them. The good news is, you can be just like me and still get a system together, that automates and does the job of 2 people. 

I’m not going to mention Linux more than once. There, that’s the only time. This isn’t about Full Stack Development as in IT development.

My stack is my (courtesy of) App Sumo- timesavers, widgets, and gadgets.

My toolchain:

  • Laptop (PC) with a couple of backup laptops, all PC and 2 iPhones (and iPad)
  • Internet connection both at my home/office and on the move
  • A 7-year-old car
  • A rented apartment

Many will argue this is not very big or modern. I agree but it puts me squarely in control of my costs – get fancy when your passive income grows; when you grow. If you’re already living fancy, you may want to downsize to cover your costs. More about that here.

Data – Data safety is very important to the point of deadly serious important. Data access is also up there in importance. I avoid duplication where it’s confusing where there’s a backup of a backup –  been there, I have!

Google is the center of my Comms and Data universe. No 1 rule is to never store data on your laptop’s C Drive. We have cloud storage for that. I recommend Google Drive for your Data storage and Dropbox for sharing client’s data (client needs to share with you or vice versa). Everything else – Evernote

  1. Google GSuite (Mail, Drive, Google Docs, and Sheets, Google Forms) 1 domain $11 p/month
  2. Dropbox (the Free version will usually do the trick) Free
  3. Evernote Free as I’m a rep but Evernote for Business costs about $156 per year per user (Fast becoming the brain of my business, the search function is superior to Drive and my time is valuable)

The Internet of Things

I buy my Domains from Namecheap, Bluehost or Crazy Domains (about $14 per year)

I host with GreenGeeks (Canada) and Hos7 (Melbourne), will be moving to Site Ground when the GG sub expires $170 for 3 years (multiple domains) Hos7 is free as I know the guy.

My ISP is Iprimus – I’ve been with them for over 10 years. $70 p/m

My Phone connection is Vodaphone been with them for over 6 years. $80 p/m


Platform – WordPress (free) and Elegant Themes (Divi)

SEO – Yoast

Security – Wordfence

WordPressThemes – Divi, Optimise Press, ThriveThemes; Childthemes – Be Superfly

Memberships – Optimise Member



Outsourced. Got my Citations fixed, Local SEO is done and in place and my website cleaned. Shot back up from p9 to p2 for my main keyword. Still lingering on p8 of Brisbane Accounting (not on local search)

Semrush – use occasionally for $179 per month

The key is the cloud. SAAS is where iit’s at Software as a Service. Pay by the month or annually at a discount.

Apps – What does what and how do they complement each other

Every industry will have their own twist on my list as needs may be more or less for these than mine or need something else entirely:


Asana – Workflow for specific jobs

Evernote – for so many things including Client Files

Slack – one to one or one to many, even many to many, messaging

Email – GMail and Webmail

Jing – for screenshots

Systems set up and training



Adobe Premier Pro Editing Suite


Xero, Quickbooks Online, MYOB Essentials, MYOB

Google Sheets, Google Docs


Customer Relationships and Marketing

Insightly – CRM

Active Campaign – List Management and Email Marketing





Quuu, Medium, Crowdfire, Buffer

Google Analytics

Graphics Creation



Gmail is my central database, yes that’s right, its a database. IIt’ssearchable and sturdy. Its durable and you can control it without much knowledge. Google has great support, remember to use it.

This stack must deliver on your next-step expectations as well as on business requirements. They must work well together and be able to be teachable to Award Wage earners. One doesn’t trump the other.

This is a framework much like any other business has desks and paper except I have Apps and backups and systems and helpers and affiliates.

Just as this stack made me reflect upon and try everything else on the market I encourage you to look beyond your stack and ask yourself how each component integrates and why. Everything started as one business’s own very specific solution to their problems but their problems aren’t always your problems. Mostly they are, in the abstract.  If you want to grow, develop holistically; develop according to what you already have or upgrade it so it fits at every touch point to make your life easier and workflows.

Keep it tight and at some point stop testing and decide on the App combination that you want to use.