What starts as an idea can sometimes bloom into a company. 

The thing that needs to happen first is you need a Vision. A vision of what that idea will look like in a month; when you hit 5 customers, when you need another truck for deliveries etc

It’s the mystery of it all that stumps us, why we can’t get past an idea then have a beer and dream about it in bed later.

Some business ideas are more predictable and less risky than others but hey, life’s like that. Life is like business. Business is like running a family or a job. 

Raising a family is like running a business

With a business you’ll have to 

  1. Manage a budget
  2. Set customer expectations
  3. Sometimes have compassion and sometimes play strictly by the rules with your customers

Remind you of your family life yet?


Having a job is like running a business


Weather the ups and downs of seasonal busy-ness; you’ll have your slow periods where you’ll have to design ways to diversify to earn the money needed to keep going. 

Having a job used to mean security but not anymore. You’ll probably need mortgage insurance as well as a host of other measures to ensure your health is sound to see you through to the next pay cheque.

Prepare to cut back on expenses and spend less from time to time  (Unexpected expenses like a trip back home for a family illness crisis have a way of raising their ugly head just when you thought you had thought of everything)
Make sure your taxes are paid – Make sure you claim as much as you can and organise your life around deductible expenses. Ye,s tax is a burden for everyone.
Pay your employees no matter how much money you make. (Pay your Mortgage and Car payments no matter what other bills have become due)

Managing Client Expectations

Your family and your children expect you to bring home the bacon. They have no idea how tenuous life really is, how fortunate they are, and you are to have a job.

-Your clients have no idea that you work for other clients as well. 

They don’t care about your heavy workload, they care about getting value for money. Its hard to prioritize sometimes when employing staff to take care of extra work doesn’t seem to really be the answer or cost effective.

-Making sure the rules are obeyed.

Your clients want you to bend over for them, but you know you can only do so much. 

Your family want you to take the lead and fix things but you’re only human

Are you starting to see how the responsibilities and frailties of life affect business as much as the everyday man?


Stepping forward, stepping up and building confidence

Your idea started with a bit of knowledge behind it, let’s face it, your idea was something you are good at, have tried and have some confidence about achieving greatness with, am I right? 

If you step forward, one step, and peer into the keyhole, what do you see? 

Instead of picking up a beer after work, you relax with a soda and do some research on the internet.

You find some books to read up on how Sales works, you could learn to design a website using WordPress (just a suggestion) give yourself a Goal or two, a timetable for getting things done and talk it over with your family about what’s going to happen next.

Believe it or not, your family won’t like it. As a rule, nobody likes Change. It doesn’t give off the odour of confidence.

This should inspire you to go and find the books, seminars, coaches and resources you need to bring them around to your way of thinking. Prepare them for the great day, the momentous moment. 


Responsibility and Gameplay


Finance and the goal of making money out of your time rather than working in a job is a big obstacle to overcome – in your mind. It’s well documented that taking that first and second step till you’re over the threshold and firmly making money and managing a business you’ll have doubt and fear.  It’s about managing that fear not hiding under the covers. It’s about making positive changes, so you can help your family understand what is going to happen.

Running a business may seem harder than holding down a job but both have a lot of requirements and it comes down to responsibility. Nobody can predict the future but if you commit to a lifestyle where you work hard on making it work, its going to be hard to fail.
Life will keep playing pranks on you no matter if you’re working a job or designing fabric for the next Gucci Milan show. 

Running a family, holding down a job and running a business are all a team effort. It’s a team sport. You take risks sometimes, you try to mitigate them by taking your opponent’s Queen as quickly as you can, so you can relax a little as the pawns fight it out on the front line. 

A little bit of strategy and good luck as well as forward planning will go a long way.


The game of life. I know which side of the fence I’d rather be on – in business for myself.