The Secret to getting the sales is this: tell them everything. Give away most of your secret recipe. Knowledge is no longer valuable, it’s widely available.
Why? Why give it away? The answer is you. Noone can cook that dish like you can. They will still need you.
It’s your ability to deliver that knowledge in your own inimitable way is how you retain the value.
Jamie Oliver doesn’t worry about someone setting up a restaurant next to his and putting him out of business because he’s given his recipes away in books, on YouTube, via his website, and on TV; the opposite actually occurs.
The purpose of the systems that precede the Sales System – The Attraction System & Nurturing System – is to give value that only you can give. Invest in the client first and share what you know through books, special reports, videos, webinars and live events. This MEETING is the time to ramp up the value.
When they talk to you, you have the opportunity to provide them with the aha moment. They will realize you are a patient, professional who empathizes with their situation. You are a problem solver. This is the moment they start to embrace you as the person they want in their life.Thanks to James Ashford.