Zen, whatever that is.

Zen, whatever that is.


1st: Embrace Perfection

Your life requires no improvement, embrace change and admit you don’t know why you need perfection. Understand what work is about. Paid Work not unpaid work.

You just stubbed your toe perfectly. Your boss just yelled at you beautifully. Embrace, love, and flow with the perfection your life continually offers. Your home is untidy perfectly.

Celebrate everything that is. You are surrounded by the perfect present.

2nd: Seek Your Own Approval

Good deeds can be their own reward, but I enjoy ringing a friend who reveals her back is playing up and telling her she is to go to bed and ring her doctor for a home visit.

You have your own values what do they align with? The acid test is are they more aligned with the scoundrel or the angel? Because everyone is doing it is not a good enough reason to do it. Reason with yourself as to why you are doing what you do.

Take care of yourself and do what’s important to you. You will naturally take care of others this way. Be a model for a happy life. Giving up bad habits and doing things that don’t harm you are not impossible in fact they are pretty easy.

Do the most wonderful, charitable things in the world. Do them for yourself. Do them because they make you happy. I rang my pregnant friend this morning because I had a great joke to tell her, I had to share it. She told me by text the other day that the cats couldn’t fit on her lap because the baby is still growing (2 weeks to go). I imagined the baby sticking yellow stickies on his computer and making hurried phone calls because the time is getting near. That is still hilarious to me. Still laughing, I had to share it. I made it up. I had to ring her and share it.

This can be particularly challenging if you have kids, a spouse, friends, or a mother.

When you do everything for you, you are really taking care of everyone.

Impress yourself. You are your own toughest audience. You have the lead role in your life. Play it up!

3rd: Question Obligations

There is nothing that you need to do and nothing you “should” do. However, there are plenty of things you act as if you “should” do.

Being forced, even by yourself to do anything turns what might be fun into a chore, you are responsible for that. Own it, Change it, Who is in charge of you?

Scared or worried? Take a breath. You can turn fear into excitement by deep breathing, Bloody Hell, this is actually true.

Do what you do. Don’t do what you don’t do. But always celebrate what you do no matter what it is.

Test your presence by doing stuff. Do other stuff too, explore.