We know running a business is hard work. It takes discipline and it means wearing a lot of different hats. Small Business runs on cash. We’ll keep your Debtors Ledger cleared of overdue debt, send you weekly updated cash reports and help keep you on top of your cash outgoings so you’re aware of what’s really going on and help you with advice on what to do about it. That’s one thing you can cross off your list.


Our bookkeeping systems are designed for small business. We streamline the data and paper handling processes –  the lower end of the business management process. You can select from a range of cash management systems that we provide. We’re Cash Managers, Xero Experts, Bookkeeping whizzes – high functioning, task orientated and focused. We’re also good with MYOB and use QuickbooksOnline. We use a multitude of other Applications (you don’t need to learn how to use them, we’ll do that) to get the job done. Being Brisbane based we work best with clients in our general area, working remotely, meeting occasionally.


Xero is the best of the best when it comes to accounting systems, we’re qualified Xero Advisors and qualified Accountants with a working history in Australia. We’re BAS Agents; we’ll keep you in check with the ATO.

QuickbooksOnline packages are available for a limited time with the cost of the subscription as low as $5.50 per month. Check it out on our Price Page.

Myob bookkeeping using MYOB Essentials (their cloud version) is alive and well at RapidEntry.

Reckon bookkeeping is also available.

Bookkeeping, Cash Management Advice, Business Guidance for growth…this is who we are. This is what we do.

brisbane bookkeeper
Brisbane Bookkeeper
brisbane bookkeeper


  1. Know who you’re giving credit to.
  2. Talk to your debtors.
  3. Know your liabilities and plan cash collections around them
  4. Business related interest is tax deductible
  5. Debt is not your enemy, outstanding cash owed to you, is


  1. A trusted advisor
  2. Someone you can talk to about business strategy
  3. Someone to explain legal compliance in your industry and choice
  4. How to dodge bullets and raise hell
  5. Dealing with staff who want to be paid on an ABN
small business bookkeeping

High Performance Teams

Once onboard we’ll get to know your business and manage your books and business admin for you.You’ll have a range of services to choose from that suit your particular business. Some clients prefer to do their own Payroll, need training in Payroll, need our help to keep the payroll in balance.


Cloud Document Storage

Using our mobile application, you’ll be allocated your dedicated ‘’ email address for documents.

Digital document storage takes away the headache and disorganisation of having to keep stacks of receipts for 5 years..  It also allows us to get your accounts up to date quicker, essential for ATO proof of purchase and timely monthly reporting.  As part of the onboarding process we tailor a digital solution that suits you and your business. No more paper documents, complete.

BAS Compliance

Compliance is a part of life. As a registered BAS agent, we can take care of your BAS and IAS requirements, taking away the stress and hassle of keeping up to date with the ATO. with every BAS we lodge, we examine your BAS Audit report for correctness, give you a copy of the BAS Report from Xero (or other system), the BAS from the ATO and your ATO Account running balance report. Small Business Bookkeeping at its most complete.

Management Reporting

At RapidEntry we don’t just process numbers, we make sense of them too. We’ll keep our finger on the pulse but we know you want a Management Reporting system that is meaningful for you.  Depending on the plan you select we can design weekly or monthly reporting that helps you understand what your business is going through, guiding your actions and decision making. We work with you to give you reports you’ll actually read and be able to make sense of. Small Business Management, complete.

Superannuation Processing

Payroll management is a part of bookkeeping, not an extra service. If you like to do your payroll yourself we’ll do all the bits and pieces surrounding the process, that you need to be qualified to understand, and that will cost you money if its not sorted out as you go.

Super Stream is alive and well. Compliance is just a part of being a small business. Compliance with Super Legislation, complete.


Software Support

If you need Small Business bookkeeping help with software such as Xero, QuickbooksOnline, MYOB, Wave or even Excel, support is crucial to your business. High growth small businesses like to manage some of their bookkeeping themselves. We are here for you. Our Platinum client’s queries are answered by phone, immediately. We also have a Software Support Club which includes

  1. a library of resources that we use ourselves (for you and your staff)
  2. a private Facebook group to share your questions and answers and
  3. a ticketed help system using email and phone

Membership is only $19 per month, pay by the month.


Debtor Management

Debtors Management, that part of small business bookkeeping where you’ll see a ROI straight away. Sure we’ll set up email reminders using Xero and this automates the process as far as it suits your business and your clients. Some clients get annoyed at constant non personal reminders. Calling your overdue debts personally can make all the difference and Get You Paid. Small Business Bookkeeping, complete.


We’re dedicated to keep on top of all your queries through our ticketed email system or by phone or text whichever you prefer. We know you’re busy, we work with you. We’ll stop what we’re doing and fix your issues immediately or organize a time to get back to you that suits us both. We work best one on one with the owner of the business. If we’re working with your team, the ticketed system works best for both of us. We ensure when you’re on-boarded that you have the best system set up for you, within your budget.

brisbane bookkeeper
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