RE Business Services is a small Accounting, Business Services, and Taxation firm.

Small is good, small is fast, small can pivot and accommodate you, small beats big on costs.

You can save money using RE Business Services by combining all of your accounting and business advisory services into a fixed-price package (give or take as your needs grow).

If you want predictable accounting bills, let’s get you systemized so we can concentrate on the numbers. and you can rest assured that your decision making is based on cash flow and your costs are well covered by your expected earnings (including taxes).

Your job is to manage your business and invest your profits wisely. Mine is to show you how it all works, the backend, and how to play the game.


An Idea, Discovery, Design,

We don’t sign up clients without a discussion about what you want and need and how we work.
We discover, then translate your vision, requirements, and expectations into workable strategies and work with you to build a solution using the latest technologies.

The way accounting should be.

RE offers an accounting and business consulting option that is anything but old school.

Our methods are proven as we work hard and smart in a holistic way whilst understanding your business needs.

You’re good at what you do.

We understand you.
We only work with those businesses we have had proven success with.

Save on Costs.
Real Time Information.
Downsize, Upsize, we help you adjust to market conditions

Streamline Processes.

Enough said, alright, let’s talk.