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We service small businesses up to approximately $1m turnover who are also are Small to Medium businesses. Lean Business using all of the online tools at our disposal is how we work. I work with a consulting team and within a Taxation Partnership to bring you a range of services once only offered by larger accounting firms.


WE serve small businesses. There are businesses out there who are perfect for us, that we haven’t met yet but those we have worked successfully with include Builders and Tradesman, Tech businesses, Painting businesses-commercial and house painters and a whole bunch of others. Anybody in business on a relatively small scale (with sales of under $1m) is our Ideal Client.

Legal firms and Franchises can be better served elsewhere. We can certainly find you a great accountant within our network if you’re stuck.
We help you get into business and get out of it too.  We are in contact with liquidators and accountants more experienced than I or Monika. We help you to get to the person or professional you need for the right advice and help.
WE’ll set you up with everything you need including the information you should know about which business structure is best for you and your family.  We’ll discuss this in our introductory phone call, which is Free, access my calendar here

Book a Discovery Call with me!

How can we work together?

I want to help and want to provide value to the business owners that sign up for Services on an annual basis so we can figure out ahead of time what you need and when. The initial sign up period is 3 months then 3 monthly or quarterly payments, month by month using Direct Debit.

We help you get into business and can help get out of it too.  We are in contact with liquidators and accountants more experienced than Monika or !. If we can’t professionally attend to the work you need ourselves, we’ll help you to get to the person or professional you need.

My team and I will set you up with everything you need including all of the information you should know about business structures and which is best for your situation and your family.  I have access to your accounting file online and will challenge you to look after your business by picking up on things you should be attending to and offering solutions to keep you on top of your numbers, your Customer Debts and Spending. WE offer a monthly online meeting to go over any issues you’re currently tackling and a quarterly meeting to go over your Accounts and Reports, oh and we do your bookkeeping too.

One of the most important aspects to our ongoing service is our constant touch with your business. We work with you. 

Our Structured Packages are highly Agile in nature meaning we bend to accommodate your needs at any given time.  One client has a debt collection aspect to his package, we even went as far as to design a client profiling system for him, so we can vet his clients to avoid working for the problematic ones.


1 + 13 =

What are your Pain Points –  Simplification of Processes? Keeping track of receipts? Recording everything you spend?

Our A game brings systems into your business not only for accounting, ensure all of your deductions are caught in the net and get you maximum tax savings but also for Sales Management – the lifeblood of business.

Systems give you the independence and assurance around your numbers that you need, to make decisions about your cash, your spending, and your sales efforts. This driver is as important as any equipment you need, to get the job done.  You’re in business to make a difference in your life and help others. Let’s make this time count. Let us help you figure it all out!

Do you have questions?

Have you been wondering what is going on with your business and what your accountant is doing? We often work behind the scenes quietly but can stay in touch via email every other week if that’s what you need. 

We’re interested in what’s currently going on in your business, your drivers, your decisions. 

Do you understand what’s happening?

Does a change of Business Structure benefit you or is it a one-size-fits-all option that should have been explored with more diligence? Why change to a company –  is it the right time to do this or would another business structure serve you better? 

Do you understand your numbers? 

Communications is at the heart of our business. 

You deserve to know what’s going on and need an accountant you can rely on to keep you updated. Sure, a set of monthly reports are great but you need to understand them, right? We know you’re busy, we know that your accounts aren’t the most important thing in your business to you, your customers are –  we’ll keep your accounts and numbers under control for you.

We are licenced tax experts.

We lodge tax using our partnership  – The Taxation Partnership of DJewell and MShaw : ABN 96988648020


We work 99.9% online which means we can spend more time on what matters to you, our clients. We enjoy working from home and get a lot done using Systems. At the first interview, we’ll discuss your business and the problems you need solving. We’ll get you set up with an online accounting system you can afford and show you how to use it. Quickbooksonline for those wanting a cheap (but not nasty) option and Xero for those wanting or needing the Gold Option. We also work with MYOB Essentials and MYOB Accountright Online. 
An accounting package with linked bank account ‘feeds’ is a great time saver. 
We look to constantly source and implement new online management solutions.
Google G-Suite for email 
Google Drive or Dropbox for online data storage
Insightly for Customer Relationships
Evernote for Business (for almost everything)
Learning and Keeping up to date with new systems means we can come up with a solution for you to help you be more profitable and build a scalable business. 

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Dianne Jewell

Founder, Accountant, Financial Planner, Business Design Systems and Workflow, Advisor-Business and Tax

BBus, Dip Financial Planning, BAS Agent.

I started Rapid Entry Online Accounting in 2010 as Rapid Entry Business Services. We are focused on Business owners Doing Better Business. The business operates with a small support team. Its all about being lean and successful.

Accountant, specializing in small businesses and start-ups, Tax Agent with Monika Shaw, Marketer, Blogger, WordPress Technician, Xero and Quickbooksonline Certified Advisor, Google Specialist, Digital Marketer Certified in Email Mastery. 


Monika Shaw

BComm, Tax Agent.

Accountant, Tax Agent
Monika and I are Partners in Tax Advisory and Tax Lodgement, providing Tax Return lodgement services to our respective clients

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