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Simplify your bookkeeping

Rapid Entry is a Brisbane based firm that will change your back-office from a “paper and desktop based” system to a reliable and efficient Xero cloud platform using the latest SAAS (Software as a Service) technology. Cloud based technology cuts operational costs and enhances your control over your business.

Outsource to us

What is the best system or set of systems for you? Are you spending good money on staff to primarily shuffle paper?

Businesses spend a lot of money on in-house staff to do tasks more suited to a specialist like Rapid Entry. We are an accounting firm focused on systems and we don’t outsource our work overseas.

Cloud accounting systems

Xero is the easiest, accessible and cost effective accounting system on the market today. We recommend systems such as Invitbox. Shoeboxed and GeoOp; Workflow systems such as Workflowmax and AffinityLive and CRM/Marketing solutions such as Capsule to get your back office costs down.  Your marketing and sales departments will love us as they have more money to produce sales for you.

Easy Pay by the Month packages

Many clients utilise my team’s professional services and knowledge on an ongoing basis to help them make informed business decisions.

There have been over 1000 changes to GST law since its inception – so it’s not an easy tax and best left to a professional team like us. Rapid Entry loves doing your BAS, your annual accounts and tax. For Document Management, Information Management and Back Office Process Change – Contact Us on 61 0425117437

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MYOB to Xero Conversions

Xero has extended the availability of Free Conversions from MYOB to Xero for Xero Partners.

This is a great offer worth $495 and includes all current financial year data.

Get in quick, who knows how long this offer will last!!!
Call me now 0425 117437

Shoreditch Grind London recommends Xero accounting software

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