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Accounting Power is Rapid Entry Online’s programme designed to help new business owners with that vital part of their new business – accounting and taxation.
This one on one, hands-on training will help you familiarise yourself with Payroll (if you have staff), and everything from then on. Everything to do with running an Accounting system.
We work with you to get your business working as it should using an accounting system. The Business Coaching programme is available here.
This is a 6 month programme. You’ll learn by doing and being instructed at the same time.
If you’re new or fairly new to business or have been running a small business for awhile but haven’t had any bookkeeping or accounting help and are curious about how it all works, this programme might be ideal for you.
Its important to get you where you need to be with your new accounting system.
You’ll learn how to harness your accounting power and become fearless with new knowledge of your numbers.
I have over 30 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience working in small businesses, large businesses, multi million dollar companies listed on the Stock Exchange, in accounting firms and startups. For the last 8 years, I’ve been running an accounting business, online and developing a templates business. I’ve invested a lot of money in personal and professional development to the point now, where I’m ready to teach other business owners. There are missing links that technicians such as accountants and bookkeepers won’t provide. It doesn’t have to be mysterious.
As your business grows over these 6 months, we’ll cover the results your figures are telling you, your margins, your control systems and your cash system. The biggest result you’ll get from this programme is getting confidence in running your own accounting system.
This programme is for anyone who wants training on Quickbooksonline, MYOB Essentials or Account Right Online or Xero. Different programmes suit different businesses. I will work with you using the most effective system for your business.