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Xero Bookkeeper. I work for small businesses in Brisbane who prefer Xero and

cloud based accounting systems. If you’re SICK of being worried about where you

stand, if your Tax Accountant won’t accept your box of receipts contact Rapid Entry

Business Services

We’ll happily do a once a year cleanup for you, if that’s the way you want to operate. Check out our prices.

The biggest problems we are asked to clean up and sort out are those accounts where the client has done the work himself, unfortunately.

If your bookkeeping isn’t spot on, if your payroll doesn’t balance, your super paid, your BAS lodged and your source documents processed correctly, you could be in trouble.

Doing Clean-Up bookkeeping work for the Tax Accountant so he can prepare your taxcan be very expensive. Why not get it done quarterly and save money?

We love cleanup work. We work to high standards because we are Business Activity Statement  (BAS) Agents.

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Rapid Entry is a Brisbane based Xero and Quickbooks Online bookkeeping and accounting business.

Our bookkeeping is ready for the Tax Accountant.

As a remote based bookkeeper our services are suitable for businesses who are willing

to work with either Xero or Quickbooksonline and with a turnover of up to $2m.


As a Startup you can begin with a simple Xero subscription but as you grow beyond

$75k pa and GST kicks in, good systems should be put in place in addition to Xero or

QuickbooksOnline such as Shoeboxed and it’s time to hire a bookkeeper in some

capacity to ensure you’re not making any big mistakes.


Good systems are essential to getting the most out of Xero and QuickbooksOnline.

They’re essential for us to be able to do the work we do for you.

Good figures will have you confident in your Tax and Growth Strategies will less admin

and no worries, no looking back wondering if you’ve done it right.


It’s a little known fact that you, the business owner are responsible for your figures

being right, not your Tax Accountant. You’ll sign off on your figures that you’ve given

them, are correct. Help us help you ensure they are.


We work remotely. This is good for my business as I get more work done, faster. Your

Paperwork is stored in the cloud. Safe Sound Accessible. Going ‘cloud’ means freeing

up space in your office and most importantly, throwing out the server. Let us show

you how, using Xero or QuickBooks Online and add-ons such as Shoeboxed and

Receipt Bank that make it less likely that we’ll be bombarding you with questions. 


We get in our bookkeeping groove quickly using these Addon systems, Creditors

Management Systems like Shoeboxed saves time and you become compliant, not

having to store receipts in Lever Arch files for 5 years with easy access at any time. It

puts an end to us having to guess the coding and if  payment includes GST or not. ATO

audits happen all the time. Don’t you want this peace of mind? It’s crazy easy with us

at the helm.


Brisbane has been benefiting from Cloud Bookkeeping using Xero from Rapid Entry for

over 6 years now. We recently added Quickbooks Online to our bookkeeping box of



We don’t use MYOB but we can switch you over to Xero or Quickbooksonline or refer

you to one of our MYOB colleagues.


I’m the owner and the Accountant, a Registered BAS Agent of the firm. I have several

contractors and interns (from time to time) in the firm with me. We can train you to

use either system and teach you how to use our Add-ons by personal video or Skype.

Skype is easy to learn and a great free tool for both clients and us.


If you’re a sole trader or don’t have admin staff, we’ll do the bookkeeping for you. Its win win win.

We love to get clients ‘on track’ with their bookkeeping. Bookkeeping comes before

Accounting. You cannot take a box of receipts to your Tax Accountant anymore. If you’re in business, this tells me you need more help than you realise. You’ve gotta get it together, get systemised, get organised.


Start Ups that grow quickly thrown in the deep end with no Bookkeeping knowledge

are a new specialty for us.  We have a circle of providers including Tax Accountants

that we use for their specialties.

Our specialty is pretty broadly based. We are primarily Business Managers, helping our

clients run their businesses. Debt Collections are a specialty.