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Xero Bookkeeper. Bookkeeping: I love small businesses in Brisbane who prefer Xero as their cloud based accounting system.

If you’re SICK of being worried about where you stand, if your Tax Accountant won’t accept your box of receipts contact Rapid Entry Business Services at info@rapidentry.com.au

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Hey, I’m Dianne, owner operator of Rapid Entry Business Services.

Drop me a line if you’d like a Free Discovery Call about your business or proposed business.

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We’ll happily do a once a year General Ledger Reconciliation for you, if that’s the way you want to operate.

The biggest problems are those accounts where the client has tried to do the work himself, unfortunately.

If your bookkeeping isn’t of Bookkeeping Certificate IV standard, it’s not going to be correct.

If your payroll doesn’t balance, your super paid, your BAS lodged and your source documents processed correctly, you could be in trouble, now or in the future, with the ATO.

We take care of your for your Tax Accountant so he can prepare your tax.

We love cleanup work – if you have a set of accounts that you know you’ve flubbed and hate them because they’re such a mess, we’ve got a solution for you. Your Xero Bookkeeper.

                        Contact us for a Discovery Call   info@rapidentry.com.au.

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Q. What sort of client’s suit Rapid Entry’s services to help them in their bookkeeping,  accounting and business information needs?

A. The firm should be earning over $150,000 in Income each year though we have had success with clients earning less than that. 

B. We have several tiers of monthly charges. Those who are on retainer with us get their Xero bookkeeping done for free. May or may not include the price of the Xero subscription. 

C. Retainer clients have touch with us day, night, weekends by phone and answers to emails. We respond to ‘situations’ they have from time to time and assist them in every way we can. How many ways can we assist? From being first responder to fire alarms to conscious coaching to (using our many contacts) finding out from IT App builders if data can be retrieved from a reset iphone. 

D. Clean ups in terms of price/value suit those who keep their receipts and invoices. We have a systemised process for churning these documents in data. Please ask us for a quote.

E. Systems set up in either Xero or QuickBooksOnline. Conversions from one system to another (unlimited systems)